Opening ceremony review of Miles Nan in China-Africa Interna

President Miles Nan Addressed on Press Conference

Jun. 19, 2017

Distinguished guests, friends from the media sector, ladies and gentlemen, Hello everyone, I’m Mile Nan, president of Global Max Media Group (GMMG). On behalf of the organizing committee of China-Africa International Film Festival and its organizer GMMG, I’d like to express my sincere thanks and warm welcome to all guests, in particular to distinguished leaders, journalist friends and cooperative partners from South Africa, thousands of miles away from China.

President Miles Nan addressed on press conference

In 2014, I proposed that Africa be included in the Belt and Road when attending a conference at the Boao Forum. The Belt and Road initiative is as great as TAZARA built in 1970s and it is a concrete embodiment of the goodness inside the Chinese and amity to the people around the world. As an ordinary overseas Chinese in Africa, I'm glad to see the Belt and Road Initiative landing in Africa gradually. Five focuses of the Belt and Road Initiative put forward the concept of understanding among peoples, indicating that the Belt and Road Initiative is not only the road of economy and trade, but the road of culture and friendship.

Under the background of the Belt and Road strategic concept, China-Africa International Film Festival aims at promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation, tied by the film, whereby to strengthen and enhance bilateral cooperation and to develop African film industry.

The first China-Africa International Film Festival is an excellent start. Films exchange and cultural exchange are internal communions with long-term and strategic characteristics.

Today, on behalf of the organizing committee of China-Africa International Film Festival I solemnly announce that the first China-Africa International Film Festival will be launched on October 12 to 22, 2017 in Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa. The Festival will be an annual event for China-Africa film cooperation and exchange, hence I am looking forward to see outstanding filmmakers from Africa and China to gather in the Bric nation and cheer for the opening of the Festival. As the organizer of this event, GMMG, together with South African partners, is to be in charge of all contractual services during the Festival. GMMG has become a leading ethnic Chinese media company with the most platforms, languages and coverage in Africa. Apart from traditional media, GMMG also engages in film industry. It is my great honor to take this opportunity to introduce one of our films shot in Africa——When Africa Meets Chanel.

There are vibrant preparations for the Festival. During the event, an opening ceremony, excellent Chinese and African films panorama, a round-table conference for Chinese and African filmmakers, a cooperation forum for Chinese and African films and an African films development forum will be held. The films panorama is going to be put online in South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania and Egypt simultaneously. We have reached consensus on integrating kinds of superior resources and keeping improving all preparation work to safeguard a complete success of the Festival. In addition, the film market during the Festival will play its role effectively in reinforcing China-Africa film cooperation. We sincerely hope the first China-Africa International Film Festival to become a broad stage for Chinese and African film industries.

Sino-Africa friendship needs inheriting and continuing, whereby film is the most effective and direct pattern for cultural interactions and exchanges. Cate and film are of importance to Sino-foreign cultural exchanges. In this regard, GMMG is racing ahead. A documentary film themed by “the nature of eating” in China and Africa will be online on mainstream television stations in South Africa soon. In the meantime, the China- Africa International Film Festival to be held in ZA is also a gluttonous feast of China-Africa cultural exchanges. Living in Africa for nearly 20 years, I have operated GMMG in exploiting media career for over 10 years. China is our motherland, and Africa is our second home. We are endowed with responsibility, confidence and determination to bear the task to open up a communication channel for Chinese and African film cultures, and we are ready to realize it. We will make films, exhibit them and broadcast them as well. There is a long way to go and a heavy burden to take as for China-Africa cultural exchanges. Nonetheless, we will make it! At last, thanks for all your supports, and we sincerely welcome you all to fulfil common development in Africa.

Many thanks to you!