Media communication and promotion

        The Festival will rely on the extensive media resources of Global Max Media Group in China and Africa, which will form a media matrix for the coverage of the event. Besides the invitation to domestic mainstream media including Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, China Radio International and China Central Television, a number of mainstream media from South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, and other African countries, will also be invited. Moreover, it will be covered by radios, televisions, websites, newspapers, magazines, and new media, webcast platforms, etc. The specifics are as follows:

        (1) Live broadcast by TV, and video websites. During the period of the China-Africa International Film Festival, there will be a large quantity of reports and live broadcast by authoritative media (China Radio International, China Central Television, South Africa State Television) and popular video websites in prime time.

        (2) Global promotion by official website. Through cooperation with the main portal webs in China and Africa, the official website of China-Africa International Film Festival will be set up. By the use of modern technology, and dissemination means, the pomp and scale of the activities, the film selection as well as the participation of audience all could be hot topics among netizens, which of course will expand its influence in the world. There will be different subjects on the official website, including film festival, news reports, film panorama, film market, film forum, stars, and so on, which will be reported in the languages of Chinese, English, Swahili, Hausa, etc, so as to fully display the Festival-related issues.

       (3) In-depth interpretation by traditional print media. The significance and importance of the Festival will be interpreted on the front pages of influential print media, thereby revealing its regularity and authority.

        (4) Dissemination and promotion in the early stage. Advertising video is one of the best promotion means that effective in elevating image of the Festival, and it is also effective in displaying its theme, idea and intention to the public, hence manifesting the image and characteristics of the host city in detail.

        (5) Showing the power of stars and fans through star "meeting". The power of fans shouldn’t be ignored during the promotion process. By inviting famous stars of China and Africa, the influence and popularity of this festival will be tremendously enhanced and raised through their popularity and enormous fans.