The Development Review of African Films

In 1991, African films hit the road to Cannes Film Festival.

In 2006, Tsotsi, an Africa-made film, won the 78th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2006, African Films Awards was established, which attracts various cinematographic works from African countries prospering the the Festival.

Apart from novel themes, many characteristics in African films used to be unacceptable have turned into be unique in embodying vitality.

Film industry in Nigeria, the “base camp” of the whole African film industry, develops rapidly, which has built up its own brand, Nollywood. Issued approximately 1200 films annually, Nollywood achieves good brand effects and becomes popular in Africa pursued by the young. With the emerging of Nollywood films, Nollywood has grown into an international brand with significant influence in the world, blossomed into the main soft power representative in Africa. Reasons why Nollywood booms include magic theme, low-cost operation pattern, globalized commercial promotion model, English-speaking advantage and comprehensive audiences. But above all, Nollywood’s film culture fully embodies the “African dream” of many ordinary Africans and expresses their value orientation and yearning for peace, morality, etc.