Film Festival | Enjoy a Film Date in the Most Beautiful City

"Upon arriving here, it suddenly occurs that I found the place I'd like to live in for the rest of my life."


The First China-Africa International Film Festival will start in this picturesque city, Cape Town, South Africa, where the 2010 World Cup was held. It is said that the film is a dream tool, while the city of Cape Town is the Dream Land of countless passionate people.

The theme song of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa


Hot beaches, lofty mountains, old castles, colorful houses, vibrant bars, leisurely penguins... It is hard to imagine that all of these exist in one city. 


"In Cape of Good Hope, if you look far out in the south, it seems that there is a boundary separating the ocean. The left side is the Pacific and the right side is the Atlantic."


"You can easily top the Table Mountain, overlooking the fascinating city, but its charm is beyond our imagination." The "Table Mountain" is embraced by Cape Town and the warm, moist air of the southern ocean converges here, forming such a wonder.

"Bo Kaap!" means "Over Cape Town". Most of the residents here are Malay descendants. The Bo Kaap street is known as "the place where God knocks down the palette" and for its rich Southeast Asian style and colorful hues.

Long Street is the most famous bar street in Cape Town, and the Victorian buildings are now used as second-hand bookshops, antique shops or souvenir shops. In the evening, a passionate jazz bar is the best place to experience the nightlife of Cape Town.

Boulders Beach, on the edge of Simons Town, is one of the few penguin habitats in African, where you can catch the harmony between human and nature.


Apart from Cape Town, the China-Africa International Film Festival will also launch film panoramas in Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and other African countries.